Tuesday, 8 May 2012

...How to Fire Guns.

We were trying to figure something out to do for my brother's 30th birthday. I had found out about a target range north of Toronto that you can use without having to have a gun licence a few years ago. It became of of those things that you always talk about doing but never end up doing it. So the upcoming birthday was a good excuse to try. Its a pretty good deal, you pay about $40 to use the facility and pay for any ammo after that (about $15 for 25 rounds, on average).

This would've been cheaper.
We decided to try a handgun (Beretta 92FS), a rifle (AR-15) with a red dot sight, and a shotgun (Remmington 12ga). They also had a long range rifle (sniper rifle, really) I wanted to try but it was out of service. Everything I expected about shooting was wrong. It was way louder than I thought, the recoil was more than I thought, reload was easier than I thought, and aiming was very tough. Having said that I did get the most points on the target. It was a very 'Zen' like experience. I've heard people do it to get their mind off things and it does. Once you get that first shot off that's all you focus on and you realize you have an actual gun in your hand. Its an awesome experience and you should try it.
This also would have been cheaper but way less fun.
And that is what I learned today.

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