Sunday, 29 April 2012

...Duct Tape Doesn't Work Well on a Hostage.

So, I'm writing this against my better judgement. I'll be admitting to something I'd rather not but was asked by a friend to write about it. And here I am. We should all know that Hollywood lies to us about some things, and its usually just to emphasize something (bears don't roar for instance). But something I've seen over and over again is the use of duct tape as a way to secure and/or silence a hostage. A simple piece of tape on the mouth can keep people from screaming and wrapping a bit around a wrist and chair will instantly prevent you from trying to escape.

Ok....that might be bit tougher.
I was bored at work and while at my desk I see a giant roll of duct tape and then proceeded to reach a new low. I tested it out. I put a piece over my mouth and wrapped some around my arm and a chair. With a little wiggling and stretching I managed to get it all off rather easily. Plus its a cloth backed tape, so as soon as there is a tear in it, it'll rip the whole way without issue. The tape was made to seal leaks not contain humans. Duct tape doesn't have a really interesting story. It was originally meant for military use only but soldiers returning from WWII noticed that it could be quite handy around the house too.
I'm chalking this up to my P.I. training.
And that is what I learned today.

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