Monday, 16 April 2012

...How Killer Whales Hunt.

I'm sorry for the shortness of this post, but the video will explain it so much better than I. I knew whales worked together to hunt but I didn't know they did this. My experience with whales hunting was that they blew bubbles while in a circle. As the air rose it would trap small fish in the circle and the whale would just shoot in and eat all he could. But I hadn't seen/heard this before. I'm amazed at how synched they are together and how complex it is when you think about it. Now drift off as you listen to the enchanting voice of Mr. Attenbourough.

Watch it here

And that is what I learned today.

-I share a birthday with Wonder Woman, Kenny (South Park), and James T. Kirk (probably because Shatner also has this birthday).

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