Monday, 16 April 2012

...How to Fight a Ticket.

Came across this news story about a physicist who used some clever trickery to get out of paying a ticket. He was fined for not stopping at a stop sign (roll through) by a cop watching that intersection. The news article was brief so this post might be as well but I'll do my best.

I said you failed to stop
When Mr. Physicist showed up to court to fight hs ticket he had a full scientific paper with him proving his innocence. There were three factors that coincidently happened to him that day that led the police officer to conclude he failed to stop. The first was the angle at which the observer (police) was at when the object (car) approached. Something about angular speed vs. linear speed and constant speed vs. deceleration made the cop percieve the car didn't stop but it in fact did. There's a lot of math involved. Next, he stated that he did fully stop but accelerated too quickly for the police to notice him stop. Third, another car was in the way when he stopped and the officer didn't see it for the obstruction.

Its simple really.
He won in the end. The judge probably just had enough of it since the man had all sorts of graphs and calculations for his presentation. What's funnier is that the second it would have taken him to actually stop takes WAY less time than writing a paper and preparing a presentation. So next time you get a ticket say 'goodbye' to Pointts and 'hello' to your old text book. You can read the paper here.

And that is what I learned today.

-There's such a thing as Strawberry Blond Cat

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