Monday, 9 April 2012

...Where the Quietest Place on Earth is.

It's in Minnesota. A lab in Minneapolis has created an acoustic chamber where 99.9% of all sound is absorbed. Companies have been using it to test their products to see just how loud they are without any background noise. Sound effect artists use it to get the most accurate recording of any sound they need. Want to hear a pin drop? This place will give it to you.

These work too, just ask my high school band.
How did I come across this? Twitter. I follow various interesting fact accounts and they mentioned this room. Reason being is that NASA is using it for training exercises for deep space travel. Space is pretty much soundless. If you've ever watched Firefly you may have noticed the subtle reference they make to it. Every time you see the ship's engines fire up they have no sound effects because there wouldn't be.
"Whoosh".....I mean..."         "
Your senses are a funny thing. Whenever you cut input to one of them off, they don't know what to do. So in a room with a sound proofing of 99.9%, your brain just starts hearing things. Heartbeats become much louder to you and you just start taking in order to hear anything. The longest anyone lasted in there was only 45 minutes.
Just enough time for a Sesame Seed encrusted Moroccan Sea Bass.
And that is what I learned today.

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