Tuesday, 27 March 2012

...Some Australian Slang.

I watched the Australian series Wilfred the other day. Not all of it in one day mind you, but over the period of a few. Its about a guy (Adam) who moves in with his girlfriend and her dog. Everyone except Adam and the audience sees the dog as a regular dog, but we see a man dressed in a dog suit. It sounds ridiculous, and it is, but it's also pretty good. You might know it since they also made a American version of it with Elijah Wood.

Not that Wilfred. 
The dog, Wilfred, smokes and drinks and will have sex with pretty much everything (he is a dog after all). After a while I started to notice that he used the word 'root' as a verb. It took me a little while longer to realize that it was a euphemism for 'fuck'. In all senses of the word. Wilfred kept saying 'he was in the mood for a root' or 'give her a root' and I thought he literally meant a root. From a tree or something. Dogs like to dig stuff up don't they?

Doesn't look sexual at all.
Some other slang I came across that I enjoy:
Back of Bourke : a very long way away
Banana bender : a person from Queensland
Billy : teapot. Container for boiling water.
Bush telly : campfire
Dunny : outside lavatory
Jumbuck : sheep
Lunch, who opened their? : OK, who farted?
Snag : a sausage
Tinny : can of beer
Wog : flu or trivial illness
There were a lot of short forms too:
Ambo : ambulance, ambulance driver
Avos : avocados
Bizzo : business ("mind your own bizzo")
Compo : Workers' Compensation pay
Doco : documentary
Garbo : municipal garbage collector
Kero : kerosene
Polly : politician
Rellie or relo : family relative
Vejjo : vegetarian

And that is what I learned today.

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