Tuesday, 13 March 2012

...That my Schooling is Important.

Is that correct....Schooling? I also recognize the irony. Anyway, you know what I mean.

Most of you know that I work at a hotel here in Hamilton. If you didn't, I work in a hotel here in Hamilton. I like the hospitality business. I started working in restaurants and I really loved it, but I can't say I had a passion for it. But hotels I do. Not sure why yet, but its fun and I have yet to have a bad day working in one.

No, not that kind of bad day.
I just finished a 4 (.5) year course and now have a degree for business with a focus on Hospitality Operations Management with George Brown College. I've had some issues with the college over the past year or so, and lets face it, most of us did. But all in all I really enjoyed my time there. Met some amazing people, gained some wonderful experiences, and had some fantastic good times. The course is designed to look at all aspects of the industry. I took courses in marketing, economics, finance, stats, and accounting. I also had wine tasting, cooking, hospitality law, research methods, spanish, and best management practices. Essentially, when you're the top dog of a major player in the biz you'll know what everyone is talking about. During my first job at a hotel I found I was able to follow along in conversations my bosses were having. I'll be better able to understand your pencil pushers, sales reps, and housekeepers.

No me gusta.

I also had no illusions, despite what the recruiters kept saying, that once I graduate I'd go straight into a management position even with my limited experience. I knew going into the program all those years ago that I would start at the bottom. Why go to school then? With the schooling (still not sure if that's right...) I'd be able to work my way up the ladder quicker. When it comes time for a promotion my degree might give me the extra edge I need on top of my charm and good looks. And while room for advancement isn't great where I work I am finding that my education is starting to pay off. 

What have I done......?
I won't bore you with the many details, but in a way, the front desk is treated the same way as a cashier. The day is broken down into shifts (there are four) and at the end of each shift we count our till and deposit any money taken in during the shift. The issue arose when I closed my shift and the computer told me to deposit $67 when I didn't take any money in.

My computer actually looks like this.
I've been trying to figure out how to tell you what happens next, but I already write too much on this thing. Let's just say I understood what happened, how to fix it, and I knew what had to be done. It was because of school.

And that is what I learned today.

-Hula Hoops are banned in Las Vegas
-How to better untie a knot from a bag.

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