Wednesday, 7 March 2012

...That I Don't Have A Favourite Author.


I know, right? Not sure why I thought of this today but the thought just struck me. If someone were to ask me what my favourite food was (pizza), movie (Back to the Future), band (Foo Fighters), restaurant (Shanghi Cowgirl), song (Friday I'm in Love - The Cure), brand of bicycle shorts (Castelli, expensive but worth it), TV show (Game of Thrones or Mad Men, its a tie), word (Hemoglobin), Super hero and vilian (Batman and Deathstoke), city (Paris), colour (purple), James Bond (Daniel Craig), so on and so on. I can tell you what my favourite book is, To Kill a Mockingbird, but I don't have a favourite author.

Minimizes Chaffing
p.s. - do not confuse my favourites with what I think are the best. The Wire is the best tv show ever, just not my favorite.

So, I thought about it and tried to come up with one. I broke it down this way:

-I usually (until recently) read non fiction books such as Freakonomics or Outliers but I don't know if I can consider the people who wrote them. I feel like they're more writers than authors.

-True, To Kill is my favourite book but Harper Lee didn't really write anything else, sorta a one hit wonder. More Than Words, by Extreme is a good song but I doubt anyone would say that they are their favoutrie band. So I can't consider her. And if anyone has an extra $25,000 laying around to get me a first edition for my birthday that would be nice.

Any sugar mommies out there?

-Related to Harper Lee I think I have to read more than one book by any author to consider them as well. I'm reading Robert Crais right now for the first time. It's a good story but hasn't captivated me yet. I will try another one of his after to see.

-I've read Stephen King, Paulo Choelo, Margaret Atwood, and Michael Crichton, but none of these have stood out. Liked them, just not loved them

I can think of only three people who might meet the criteria but I'm still not sure.

Timothy Findley- I read The Wars in high school and it was a great book. It was the first time I understood some of the techniques authors use while writing. Mind you, only barely. I have yet to read anything else of his (no good reason why not) but I know others who have. And I have yet to hear anything bad about him.

George R.R. Martin - This guy got me reading again, ironically due to the TV show based on his books. After watching Season 1 of GofT, I couldn't wait for season 2 to find out what happened. Spoilers ahead.............and considering he killed off Ned Stark and Drogo along with Viserys I felt he had some balls. He breaks every conventional rule of typical story telling and sends you on a great ride. But, I'm not sure if I love him for his writing or the simple fact that I just don't know who will die next.

Robert Munsch - Out of the three he may win. His stories are small, being a children's writer and all, but the tales he tells in such a small space are mesmerizing. Love You Forever is the one that stands out, obviously. His one line poem that the mom says to her son is so moving that I'm not sure I can type it here without blubbering like a little girl. Even though his stories were illustrated, I remember as a kid I used to close my eyes when listening to his stories, preferring to imagine them in my head. I used to wonder/hope/be afraid that one day my wall would open up and a train full of people would suddenly fill my living room. But can I get away with saying he is my favourite as an adult?

My personal favourite.

I would like comments and/or suggestions. You don't have to leave them here. If I'm lucky enough to have any of my friends actually read this, just leave any suggestions on my Facebook or Twitta.

And that is what I learned, about myself, today.

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